Chris Whitaker – ‘New Blood Dagger’ Award winner talks about writing American Noir

Chris Whitaker seems like one of the busiest people in the world. He works as a City Trader, volunteers at his local library, is renovating a house, looking after his family, and has had the time to write his 3rd crime thriller. ‘We Begin at the End’ is Duchess Radley, out for revenge against the murderer who killed her Aunt. It’s American Noir. We talk about what that is, and how he does justice to such an evocative genre with words on a page.

We also chat about why he devotes such attention to character, how they spawn the plot, and why he needs the help of a good editor. It follows up on the success of ‘All the Wicked Girls’ and his debut, ‘Tall Oaks, which won the ‘New Blood Dagger’ Award. You can hear how the prize has changed the way he writes, and why he wants to put as much detail into the story as possible.

There is a little bit of a tech issue in the recording, please do push on through, Chris has some fantastic tips you need to hear!

Grab a copy of ‘We Begin at the End’ here.

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