Round Table – Crime writers talk about the secret of planning characters across a series

Here’s something brand new! A kind of bonus, hopefully semi-regular thing!

This is the first Writer’s Routine Roundtable, where we get authors together to chat about how they do what they do. How they plan, plot and then publish.

In this episode, we have 3 fantastic crime authors, who all used to work for the Police… they say write what you know.

Merilyn Davies published her first ‘Carla Brown and Nell Jackson’ thriller last year, called ‘When I Lost You’. The sequel ‘If I Fall’ is out next year. She used to be a crime analyst, and now works as a Councillor in Oxfordshire as well as writing. Find out more about her here –

Rebecca Bradley has published many books across the ‘DI Hannah Robbins’ series, and standalone ones too. Her new book is ‘A Deeper Song’. She used to work as a Police Detective, and now has writing ‘murder down to a tea’ –

Neil Lancaster told us his writing routine earlier on in the year. He’s published 2 ‘Tom Novak’ thrillers, there’s a third being released soon, and he’s got another series in the works too. He worked in the Met Police before moving to the Scottish Highlands to write –

We discuss how much editing defines what a story is, and how editors often get it write… but also what hill authors are willing to die on with their story. You can hear about how they have initial ideas and begin to plot them, and how they plan a series of stories around 1 character.

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