Rory Clements, author of ‘Hitler’s Secret’ – Historical mystery author talks about keeping the readers onside.

Rory Clements has just released the 4th book in his ‘Tom Wilde’ series. It’s a historical mystery called ‘Hitler’s Secret’, in which Tom is enlisted to carry a valuable document out of Germany. If it is uncovered, it threatens to destabilise the Nazi party – and Tom must decide whether it’s his duty to find out more. He’s also written the ‘John Shakespeare’ stories too – more historical fiction set further back in time.

We talk about how he accurately writes about life in World War 2, and what responsibility he has to be truthful to the way people really were back then. Also, we chat about why he’s slowly trained himself to work at night, and how much tennis and escaping to the country affects the way he tells stories.

We chat about his writing day, how much he knows about the story before he sits down to write, and what being a journalist taught him about keeping the readers onside.

You can buy ‘Hitler’s Secret’ here.

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