Ann Cleeves – ‘Vera’ author talks about the urge to keep telling stories

Ann Cleeves is a hugely prolific author – she once wrote a book a year for 30 years, and still publishes more or less every 12 months. We talk about that writing year – when she comes up with ideas, starts working on them and finally hands in the first draft.

She has written 8 ‘Vera Stanhope’ books, a character that went on to be played by Brenda Blethyn in a TV series. Also, she’s published many ‘Shetland’ stories, a series which came to an end recently – and we discuss why. Her new book is ‘The Long Call’. Set in Devon, it’s the start of a brand new series introducing Matthew Venn – we talk about the initial idea for the book, why she set it in Devon and other points about how she told the story.

Anne was born in Hertfordshire, raised in North Devon, lived in London, Merseyside, Scotland, and we chat about how her nomadic life has influenced the way she tells stories.

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