Jeffrey Archer – Bestseller on the responsibility to get the work done

For over 40 years, Jeffrey Archer has sold many, many books. The current count is over 275 million. He’s written 37, including a volume of diaries from his time in prison – 26 of those have been Sunday Times Bestsellers. His new book is ‘Nothing Ventured’, and it’s the start of a brand new series. Although, the start of his writing career wasn’t as successful as many would have you believe.

It was his third book, ‘Kane and Abel’ that really took off – within the first week it had sold around a million copies, and he never looked back. It celebrates its 40th year of publication this year, and we talk about how that has affected his writing ever since. Also, we look at what he needs before he starts writing, how he develops an idea in his head and when the twists finally come.

Jeffrey’s routine is one of the most precise and exact ones we’ve had. Selling so many books allows him to enjoy his pleasure-time, and also know the intricate way that he works the best – he reveals all to us in this show.

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